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Educate Your Clients on Summer Skin Preparation..

April 1, 2015

Written By Anna Costello

As the clock changes spring becomes summer in a second.  For some it signifies hope, brightness, flowers, sunshine, good humour and happiness.  As the hour moved on, some people seen it as an extra hour out partying with good friends, for others it was an hour they were robbed of in bed.  It’s all about perspective and an individual’s view on change. The common denominator is that change is inevitable.  Nothing stays the same. There are seasons in everything, in nature, in human life, in skincare.

In terms of skincare, as we move from spring to summer, unlike the hands of a clock, change is gradual. Sometimes so slow, it’s barely noticeable.  Like a good chess player it is important to plan most moves ahead. This is what winners do.

They say hard work always pays off.  Thankfully, when it comes to skincare, Bioline have made it easy for us. Research and consideration of the seasonal Biorhythms of the skin when developing product lines, mean that we benefit from their hard work and expertise.

For example, Primaluce cosmetic peel prepares the skin for peak summer sun and UV exposure.  It is important that we spring clean our skin, so note that mid April is really the deadline for starting a 2:3:1 Protocol (6 treatment cycle), as one facial a week will bring our clients up to the end of May, just in time for the Summer months of June, July and August, where professional peels are prohibited to ensure protection of our clients melanocytes. It is worth remembering that clients can continue to use their Primaluce homecare during these months, it is only professional treatments that are prohibited. Make sure such clients are using their Sundefense daily over their Primaluce moisturiser.

It is important to educate our clients about the benefits of doing a course of peels. A maximum of two courses per year is recommended. The beauty of Biolines cosmetic peel is the healing starts in the treatment room, and being the only peel in Ireland to have PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acids) included, this means that your clients skin will have immediate hydration for the new cells as the AHA’s exfoliate off the dead cells, resulting in an instant effect, working on pigmentation, breakout, impurities and wrinkles! Remembering it is even ideal for the most sensitive of skins, again because of the PHA content, soothing agent, mimosa and oat extracts.

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In the second half of pre-summer prep, post peeling (typically May), we need to concentrate on hydration and antioxidant intake for free-radical control in order to prevent/minimize photo ageing in summer season. We will delve deeper into this next month, but just to assist your forward thinking(for those who don’t play chess), we have devised a biorhythm reference sheet for Spring, outlining the skin types and recommended treatments.   Peeling is now, hydration and antioxidant refuelling is next. I like to think of it as dusting before you hoover… it just makes sense! Your clients deserve the best!


How profit margin became mother of reinvention for Beauty Therapist…

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June 9, 2014

Rosacea – What is it? Triggers and Treatments – Article written for Professional Beauty Ireland by Anna Costello

May 30, 2014

What is Rosacea… Follow the link below to read more…

Rosacea is a skin condition commonly found in older men and women. It can take the appearance of a butterfly shape on a ladies face with a distinct reddening of the forehead, inner cheeks, nose and chin, while for men, it is quite similar, but they too can have a bulbous nose.

Image    Image

Rosacea is a form of acne. There are two types of acne, although they are not at all related – that of Acne Vulgaris which is commonly associated with teenagers, think spots and pimples, and then there is Acne Rosacea – think reddening of the face. In order to fully understand Rosacea, you must appreciate the origin of the condition…

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Should Dermal Fillers be Left to the Medical Profession?…

September 3, 2013

Wrinkles plus Dermal Fillers = Great Results…just remember not everything is as it seems…read on:


Dermal Fillers are collagen material that is made from synthetic and natural substances. It is injected into the Dermis (The dermis is a layer of skin between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissues, that consists of connective tissue and cushions the body from stress and strain in order to iron out the signs of aging; “plump up the skin, to fill in wrinkles and crows’ feet, create fuller cheeks and pouting lips.”


There has been a significant rise in demand for Dermal Filler injections as prices have dropped and although the procedure can be carried out successfully and clients are left delighted with the results, Fillers can be a ticking time bomb, research has shown a major rise in botched procedures leaving the client with disfigurement and discomfort, both of which could last a lifetime if the results are that bad they are in fact untreatable!

Dermal fillers can have severe side effects and damaging results. They have been known to splinter into tiny pieces and leave skin swollen and covered in lumps, because severe skin infections, bruising, affect eyesight if injected too close to the eye area and cause inflammation to the deeper skin tissue also leaves the client with lumps and permanent scarring.


Above and below, are some images taken from a show that was aired on TV3 last night, “Botched Up Bodies” (, this shows the risks that having dermal fillers injected carry. Sarah Amoli a 37 year old Beauty Student Therapist had hers injected 7 years ago. Problems became noticeable after the first 18 months and in the past year alone she has had 3 major infections in her face. Her fillers moved and have resulted in her face becoming lumpy and unbalanced. Through fear of being permanently scarred on her face, she had tried to avoid anymore surgery but as the problems kept getting worse she sought help and was one of the lucky ones who could have the majority (not all, which still leaves the small risk of infection behind) of her fillers removed.

It really does behove a patient to find the right MEDICAL practitioners with the right QUALIFICATIONS and the right experience to do this. It is really NOT something to be injected by somebody that has NO medical knowledge whatsoever.”Niall Kirkpatrick, Consultant Surgeon (Botched Up Bodies, TV3 Aired Monday 2nd Sept 2013)


This article in the Daily Mail online written by Tamara Cohen tells the story of a lady Sarah Payne who has been left permanently scarred from fillers. Unfortunately, unlike Sarah Amoli,  Ms. Paynes fillers are unable to be removed and are untreatable. Therefore she is now left with a permanent dent on her right cheek. She regrets the decision to have fillers everyday… Read her story here:

Do you also think that Dermal Fillers belong solely in the medical field?

Part 2 – Interview with Colm Colgan from Cavan TV.

Part 2 focuses on Anna’s initiative to set up a Training and Distribution Company for the innovative Bioline Jató Skincare and her drive to share the Bioline experience across Ireland and the UK.

Anna Costello Talks to Colm Colgan About Business and Enterprise Part 2

July 19, 2013

Part 1 – Interview with Colm Colgan from Cavan TV.

Part 1 focuses on Anna and initial set up of her Award Winning Flagship Salon Utopia Health and Beauty Clinic – The Skin Specialist.

Anna Costello Talks to Colm Colgan About Business and Enterprise

July 19, 2013

The Genius Approach to Running a Successful Beauty Salon/Clinic

June 4, 2013

23rd May 2013, 6.30am; written by Anna Costello


An intelligent man once said, “If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and five minutes implementing the solution.” The intelligent man being Albert Einstein by the way! If your business was balancing very precariously on one leg and you only had one hour to work your magic, before it toppled right over, what would you do?  Would you do as Einstein and spend your time wisely asking probing questions to understand the problem in depth and having done that, only needing 5 minutes to address the issue. Or would you sit back in your chair and instead of thinking and asking – you watch all the hustle and bustle around you for 55 minutes and spend the last 5 minutes panic brainstorming?

Many salon owners I have met and will meet only see the “reverse Dr. Einstein’s” approach.  They have an incurable urge to keep the conveyor belt running, making the most of every client, metaphorically speaking.  They’ll perform back to back beauty treatments for 55 minutes and then allocate the last 5 minutes running ragged getting ready for the next person and trying to figure out what just happened.

So, imagine this, a tea party in which Albert Einstein himself is sitting across the chequered covered table from you. Drinking his tea, he asks you to explain the situation – which you do. He then asks what have you done to locate the issue and solve the problem, this you have difficulty answering…So he pipes up and gives you some advice and I would imagine that he suggests your first  minutes be approached like this:

  1. You have accumulated certain strengths as a salon owner up to now.  Ask yourself if they are an asset.  Dr. Einstein would challenge you to address asset protection, first and foremost.  Issues such as professional ethics, insurance, claim free record, quality service menu, client database, valuable staff, training and planning, record keeping and the like.  You have to secure what you’ve got.
  2. Next, he would ask if you had thought through personal money management questions and committed yourself to a personal work/life balance plan in writing.  It’s shocking how few salon owners actually do this.  Einstein’s objective here would be to make certain you grasp the full scope of the problem.
  3. He would then question your organizational skills and ask whether you had the computer, accounting, marketing and all those basic business support tools in place to take on this moneymaking goal.
  4. His next line of inquiry would focus on your background, beliefs and personal decision-making skills.  Do you fully recognise the individual traits necessary to take on your niche and profit from the experience?
  5. He would no doubt question you about your market analysis methodology and ask if you’d tested the clarity of your vision.  Have you theorised your approach? Does your plan match the requirements your findings?
  6. He would then examine the working routine you’ve devised for yourself and dare you to prove that you’ve really got the discipline to follow it.
  7. Finally, I’d expect Dr. Einstein to interrogate you as to where and how you expect to generate revenue growth ideas.  In doing so, he’d want to know how exactly you plan to work out the best ideas and decide amongst a number of possibilities.  (At this point, I am feeling like the swot in the front row, with my left hand supporting my right elbow as my fingers flutter, my waving hand like midgets on a rare good summers evening in Ireland, wanting to shout out the answer, but I’m mindful, you need this 55 minute journey to know your starting point).

Watching the minutes tick away, most salon owners would probably lose their patience at spending 55 minutes being challenged by Dr. Einstein to see if they correctly understand the puzzle at hand.  But as one of the greatest minds in history, he knew that success and failure in the last 5 minutes is entirely dependent on the foundation meticulously constructed in the preceding 55 minutes.  The clients do not reward salon owners in proportion to the number of hours spent in the treatment room.  They only reward results.   One can reap immense profits in a very short period of time if one’s execution is based on a thorough understanding of the challenges that clients will present.  As they say, “You can work all your life to become an overnight success.”  Nowhere is this cliché more true than in the beauty industry in 2013 Ireland and beyond.

Like Einstein, I believe that preparation and foundation are everything.  Don’t short-change yourself. At Anna Costello’s Cosmetology Community, we have the full set of business support tools and community encouragement to help you spend your 55 minutes wisely.  Start right by contacting us first at ACCC!  I guarantee you will find your solution in our tool box.  We’ve done the ground work so you don’t have to.  We returned to pre-recession figures, and surpassed them in our flagship salon and we have also expanded our wings.  Seriously, can you afford not to contact us?

Giving power back to the Salon Owner!
— Anna Costello

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February 27, 2013