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Educate Your Clients on Summer Skin Preparation..

April 1, 2015

Written By Anna Costello

As the clock changes spring becomes summer in a second.  For some it signifies hope, brightness, flowers, sunshine, good humour and happiness.  As the hour moved on, some people seen it as an extra hour out partying with good friends, for others it was an hour they were robbed of in bed.  It’s all about perspective and an individual’s view on change. The common denominator is that change is inevitable.  Nothing stays the same. There are seasons in everything, in nature, in human life, in skincare.

In terms of skincare, as we move from spring to summer, unlike the hands of a clock, change is gradual. Sometimes so slow, it’s barely noticeable.  Like a good chess player it is important to plan most moves ahead. This is what winners do.

They say hard work always pays off.  Thankfully, when it comes to skincare, Bioline have made it easy for us. Research and consideration of the seasonal Biorhythms of the skin when developing product lines, mean that we benefit from their hard work and expertise.

For example, Primaluce cosmetic peel prepares the skin for peak summer sun and UV exposure.  It is important that we spring clean our skin, so note that mid April is really the deadline for starting a 2:3:1 Protocol (6 treatment cycle), as one facial a week will bring our clients up to the end of May, just in time for the Summer months of June, July and August, where professional peels are prohibited to ensure protection of our clients melanocytes. It is worth remembering that clients can continue to use their Primaluce homecare during these months, it is only professional treatments that are prohibited. Make sure such clients are using their Sundefense daily over their Primaluce moisturiser.

It is important to educate our clients about the benefits of doing a course of peels. A maximum of two courses per year is recommended. The beauty of Biolines cosmetic peel is the healing starts in the treatment room, and being the only peel in Ireland to have PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acids) included, this means that your clients skin will have immediate hydration for the new cells as the AHA’s exfoliate off the dead cells, resulting in an instant effect, working on pigmentation, breakout, impurities and wrinkles! Remembering it is even ideal for the most sensitive of skins, again because of the PHA content, soothing agent, mimosa and oat extracts.

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In the second half of pre-summer prep, post peeling (typically May), we need to concentrate on hydration and antioxidant intake for free-radical control in order to prevent/minimize photo ageing in summer season. We will delve deeper into this next month, but just to assist your forward thinking(for those who don’t play chess), we have devised a biorhythm reference sheet for Spring, outlining the skin types and recommended treatments.   Peeling is now, hydration and antioxidant refuelling is next. I like to think of it as dusting before you hoover… it just makes sense! Your clients deserve the best!

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